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The new block THERMO N with sensational high thermal properties is available.
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Environmental Award Winning Block

Thermo eco hollow blocks are made of wood-chip aggregate concrete. The natural raw materials and the excellent heat insulation make sure that you are building in an ecological and economical way.

High energy efficiency: Oil prices for heating have soared and the prices are forecast to rise. With Thermo Blocks you can reduce your heating bill by over 60% - a construction solution with economical benefit.

Modern architecture and creativity: Thermo Block can be used across the full range of architectural design, light in weight and easy to handle. The masonary wall system can also accomodate a wide range of traditional roofing finishes, windows, doors and services.

Quick building method: Using Thermo Block is extremely easy and fast work. It allows high-quality building in a short time and the construction of industrial, commercial and domestic buildings up to 8 storeys in height.

European agreements and our responsibility for future resources ask for environmentally compatible material. People building today have to think about the materials they are going to use. Thermo Block is long life durable and 100 % recyclable. • CFC free and no CO emission •

Breathability and damp proof: The system is traditional in respect of the provision of adequate damp proof courses (DPC), ground floor damp proof and membranes to resist the passage of moisture and gases from the ground.

Energy Performance

The Thermo method is inventive and created with intelligence. The blocks are being used in as far away countries as Russia where temperatures are minus 50. Irish weather is much milder but nevertheless very cold in winter. Of course we dont have temperatures to compare to minus 50. Now and again we see temperatures of -2C, average temperatures in winter are always over the minus level up to 8C.

Calculation Example:
Based on oil used for heating a 200 qm Irish bungalow using a Thermo Eco Block is as follows: U Value 0,23.
heating period = 211 days / 24 hours per day
constant inner temperature during the day = 20C / during the night = 18C
oil use for above heating period = 2,103 litres
energy consumption = 21,029 kwh

From the above calculation it is obvious to see how the blocks are performing. The heating is turned on for 211 days of the year 24 hours per day. Most people in Ireland do not heat their houses 24 hours per day. On average people heat their houses in the morning for 1 - 2 hours and more in the evening. So we can deduct more than 60% from the costs of oil from these figures for our usage. Please calculate for yourself using the above performance. With these new blocks you can always have a warm, cosy house to live in, and you wont be broke paying for oil or other methods of heating.

Excerpt from an Energy Performance Certificate carried out by energy consultant Mr. Rupert Fuchs, 5600 St. Johann im Pongau, Austria